Building Websites For Passive Income

by Scott on May 9, 2011

Can a website be a source of passive income? Well, the the simple answer is yes……but some thought out research and seo needs to be done first. I’ve been silently working on several website projects over the last few months/year to see if web sites can be built, optimized, and left to run while providing a steady stream of income. Here are some of my general thoughts over the past year.

It was an extremely challenging proposition as I had many ideas for websites, from car parts to party supplies. I had days when I would find some wonderful keyword ideas using google adwords and then have my hopes dashed by finding several websites already in my niche. What to do? Well, that’s where keyword research and seo comes in play. I already had a little knowledge about keyword research and seo through creating this blog. I knew I ranked well for keywords like passive income or passive income ideas. What made me more interested is why I ranked well for other keywords not necessarily in my niche. I’ve found some great tools, and I will share them with you over the next few posts. Many of the tools are free and I found them priceless while building many of my websites. I also payed money for some tools, and some just flat out didn’t work for me. I’ll tell you all the details, good and bad.

Was I successful? Yes and maybe. I’ve had months where I’ve made $200 and months where I’ve made over $800 online through ads and selling products. The most interesting part about creating these websites, is the fact that the google ranking system is so mysterious and random. I’ve had a site rank in the first listing for a keyword for two months straight, only to be moved to the 3rd and 4th position for the following 3 months. I have tried to come to terms that I may never understand how I can change rankings so quickly.

What can I control? I can create other websites that have similar seo strategies around similar keywords for other niches. Can you do this too? Absolutely! This is not rocket science and I’ll give you some great tips and free resources that you can research and try for yourself. Am I still looking for that one site that creates $10,000 a month in passive income? You bet! But, in the meantime I’ll be working away at $100 a month websites that I can build consistent income.

What’s working for you? Do you have a niche site plan that is building passive income for you?

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Earning Extra Money: Think Out Of The Box

by Scott on February 24, 2011

Earning extra money is possible, though it can take some creative methods to make it work. If you are in need of a few extra dollars a day or perhaps you need to earn a significant amount per month, the following ideas can help you to get started. Keep in mind that to earn extra money, you do not always have to invest a great deal of time in a new job.

• Consider working from home. Numerous small businesses start right from the home. If you have any skill or passion, make it a business to earn extra money.

• Sell your knowledge through an eBook or through online tutorials. Charge others to view that information to help meet their needs. Clickbank is a great place to start getting ideas and to even find some money making ebooks. In the past month I’ve really started looking at profitable niche ebooks and have set-up a domain that redirects traffic to one ebook. The goal is to start another passive income source that will grow over time. Need a couple ideas? Here is one ebook that I have had a little success with over the last month. It’s a Squidoo lens that I created for the woodworking niche.

• Take on a part time job working in consulting. Those who have years of work experience can work as a consultant for competitors. For example, if you work as an engineer in your full time job, help small businesses by consulting on their needs. I was able to consult part-time for one of the banks I used to work for. They needed someone who knew the software and was able to work late at night processing files. Perfect job as I was able to work and not have to deal with a commute or get dressed up for work.

• Build residual income by developing a software product, an iPod or iPad application or other electronic tools. Then, sell them to those who need them and want to use them. You will do the work just one time but will earn income over time. A great example of this is found over at Pat Flynn’s site. Pat has built a successful company that specializes in iphone apps.

• Find a work at home job. You do not always have to start a business to work from home. Numerous companies pay individuals to do customer service through telecommuting. Some ideas for work at home jobs are VA: virtual assistants, blog writers, and article writers. Check sites like elance for writing and VA jobs. Also check blog job boards like Problogger for full-time writers. I have used elance for writing assignments both here on Passive Dad and on my other niche websites.

To earn extra money for your needs, consider what you are good at. Then, find a way to turn those skills or that knowledge into an income for yourself. Often, you can do this right over the web, which allows you to work from home. Earning extra money like this can be a full time income or a part time opportunity. What are you doing for extra income?

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Remember that commercial from the 80′s where the grandma yell’s this famous line?

Well, that’s the way I’ve been feeling for the past few months regarding passive income. Truth be told, I am making passive income, just not as much as my original goal. So…what can I do about it? Set a more realistic goal. I’ll share mine, if you share yours :)

Goal for February is $500 in Passive Income.

Current income sources:
big crumbs

I am hoping to scale back on outsourcing content and work on building out current website project myself. I’ve learned much over the past 2 years about SEO and article marketing. I want to know what is working for you and what your goals are this month?


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