Is Yuwie a Scam? Does Yuwie Pay?

by Scott on January 23, 2008

First, Yuwie is a free social network similar to Myspace or Facebook and does not charge a membership fee. Second, I have had the chance to view several screen shots of some paychecks valued at $100-200. Now, it would be a scam if you read an article, blog, or advertisement that claimed someone on Yuwie is making thousands of dollars today. Yuwie is only about 8 months old and no one to my knowlege is making thousands of dollars yet. Yet, that means it is possible. For the record I received my first earnings report for the month of December and made 87 cents. This may not seem worth it to some, but I see the potential for many referrals as this is a social networking site that builds upon friendships, blogs, pictures, video, and more. I have already doubled my page views for January and expect to make $1-2 in January. This may seem like peanuts, but the point is to build a downline of active referrals and equip them to do the same. The social networking market is still growing and Yuwie is sharing a portion of their ad revenue with members. Yuwie pays it’s users up to 10 levels and that can add up to a lot of money quickly. I want to be realistic about this and not expect to make thousands as some are claiming. I think a goal of one hundred a month would be a good realistic goal. If I could offset one bill, that would be a huge success. I get excited thinking of my car insurance or water bill being paid by Yuwie each month.

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