A mouse in my garage? 5 ways to keep mice out

by Scott on April 27, 2008

I don’t know about you, but one thing that motivates me to clean out my garage is the sign of a mouse. I love animals, but a mouse cannot live in my house or garage. Seeing all those droppings everywhere can get my skin crawling. I called Clarks Pest Control and spoke to a great guy who gave some suggestions for maintaining a pest free garage. Some of these ideas are easy and others take a bit of work and a few dollars.

1. Keep all pet food or garbage sealed in closed containers. I have two dogs and would “roll down” the dog food bag. I thought this would work as I was taking most of the air out of the bag and making sure it was compact. I was told that a mouse could easily eat through the paper or find a small hole and enter. My first purchase was the orange Home Depot bucket that would secure the food safely. Any bucket with a secure lid would work. You could reuse kitty litter buckets or rice buckets if you wanted to recycle. If you don’t secure your food, the mouse could enter the bag and have a buffet.

I also started a new habit when feeding my dogs. I make sure to take the food container outside and scoop the food directly into the dog bowls. I believe I was accidentally spilling dog food when I was in the garage. This was probably another source of food for the mouse.

2. A mouse only needs 1/4″ (one quarter of an inch) clearance to enter your garage or house. This was much smaller than I realized. Make sure gaps greater than 1/4″ are sealed. I purchased a can of expanding foam from Orchard Supply Hardware and went around my garage and sealed vents and anywhere that had a small gap. My screens under my house have holes for cable, phone wires, water, and air conditioning. All of these holes needed to be sealed.

3. I had a 1/4″ gap under my garage side door. I purchased a small weather strip for the garage side door that attaches to the bottom. This will help seal the door and keep rain and mice out.

4. Once in your garage, mice can live in your old boxes of stuff. If you want to be extra cautious, you can purchase storage bags or bins. I went to Target and purchased 10 plastic storage bins for baby clothes, toys, books, and other items that I want to keep sealed and mouse free. The bins were about $8 each. They are easy to stack and will keep items fresh and harder for mice to penetrate.

5. Get a cat to live in your garage 24/7. Not very practical and besides, I’m allergic to cats. Cat’s are wonderful animals but unfortunately, I can’t live with them. I would need to be on Benadryl all day.

Out of all these suggestions, I believe keeping food sources sealed and contained will help eliminate my mouse problems. My dog food will remain safe and sealed and keep out any unwanted visitors.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for keeping mice out of your garage.

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