Blog for Sale ? Would you purchase a blog ?

by Scott on April 28, 2008

I enjoy investing and finding passive income opportunities and wanted to find out if a marketplace exists for websites. Now that blogging is consuming more and more of my time, I wondered if anyone has sold a blog. Well, they have. Sitepoint has a marketplace for blogs, websites, and other internet commerce. Some of these websites are very active and rank as a PR1, PR2, or even a PR5. I actually just learned last night what “PR” means for a website or blog. “PR” is Page Rank, and if you have a PR1 you would be the top ranking on google. Clearly, a PR1 or PR2 website would command a hefty price. I did a google search for “blog sale” and found a listing on Sitepoint for Internet Babel. They claim 45,000 monthly page views and 2,500 unique visitors monthly. Also, revenue of $20 a month and over 3,600 backlinks. Internet Babel claims to have interviews with John Chow and Shoemoney, two of the top blogs. What would you pay for this piece of the internet? How do you even start to monetize a personal blog created by someone else? I begin to wonder how someone would be able to keep the same subscription base when the blog is sold. Would the continuity and style change with a sale? Well, an estimated price was put on this blog of $2,884 and I’ve contacted Internet Babel if a buyer has emerged. According to Sitepoint, the highest bid was $1,000, and the reserve was not met. I will post an update when I learn more about the transaction.

Also today, I found another blog for sale. Moms Cash Blog was started by Krysti and she is a mother of a 2 year old and an entrepreneur. Krysti claims that her blog has a google page rank of 4 or PR4 and an Alexa rank of 152,000. For a blog that is only 6 months old, she has a good following. On Friday April 25th, Krysti opened up the bidding for the next 72 hours. When the 72 hours are up, she will transfer the domain and all posts to the highest bidder. This blog has some unique content about Krysti as well as posts on adsense, affiliate marketing, surveys, coupons, and making money online. Krysti also offers some personal experience and insight into starting her own blog and I wonder if selling the blog would lose some her readers. If a man purchased this blog, would it change the dynamics and lose the identity of the blog? I have sent Krysti an email and will post who’s the new owner of Moms Cash Blog.

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