March Yuwie earnings up 90%

by Scott on April 25, 2008

Earnings for March on Yuwie were up 90% to $10.84 This may not seem like a large amount of money, well it’s not, but the momentum is gaining along with referrals. I’m adding about 200+ referrals a month to my total tree. In case you are not familiar with Yuwie, it’s a free social network similar to Myspace or Facebook and does not charge a membership fee. I have enjoyed meeting new friends from around the world and sharing stories about work, family, school, ebay, investments, and hobbies. My referral tree grew to the final 10th level and I have one person on level 10. To find out more, you can view some great video clips here at Yuwie. Yuwie shares a portion of the revenue from advertisers up to 10 levels. The RSR, or Revenue Sharing Rate for March was 40 cents. The RSR will increase as the number of Yuwie members increases. As more join, the advertisers will want to bid higher for ad placement on Yuwie. Currently, Myspace and Facebook does not share this revenue with it’s members….but Yuwie does. I don’t expect 90% returns every month, but do expect the number of referrals to grow. Yuwie is a great example of passive income. I earn income 24/7 and don’t have to be logged on to make money. The RSR can fluctuate and the earning potential can always decrease, but for now the earnings appear to be gaining momentum.

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