Yuwie February earnings

by Scott on April 23, 2008

My second month on Yuwie was spent joining clubs and accepting and making new friend requests. Yuwie has clubs for all interests and has over 2,000 new members joining each day. Yuwie is a free social network similar to Myspace or Facebook and does not charge a membership fee. This is a social networking site first and foremost and should always be understood that it is not a business marketing or spam free for all. I have enjoyed meeting new friends from around the world and sharing stories about work, family, school, ebay, investments, and hobbies. My referral tree also grew in February and I had about 300 total referrals through 8 levels. Yuwie shares a portion of the revenue from advertisers up to 10 levels. The RSR, or Revenue Sharing Rate for February was 38 cents. The RSR will increase as the number of Yuwie members increases. As more join, the advertisers will want to bid higher for ad placement on Yuwie. Currently, Myspace and Facebook does not share this revenue with it’s members….but Yuwie does. Pretty cool! My earnings for February were $5.68. Not a lot of $$$…. but could this just be the beginning of another passive income source?

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