Oil passes $122 barrel. How to save money on gas?

by Scott on May 6, 2008

With the summer driving season still two months away, you would think that gas and oil prices would be flat for May. Today, Oil touched $122 a barrel for the first time and one analyst at Goldman Sachs has a target for oil of $150-$200. If you are not a wall street trader or oil tycoon and want to find some of the cheapest gas around town, how to save money on gas? Well, besides taking out a hose and using the siphon method from your neighbors car, it’s Gas Buddy.com. I use Gas Buddy.com when I travel or tell friends to check them out when planning a road trip. I have not been paid to review Gas Buddy.com but believe they offer a great resource for consumers who are trying to save a few dollars at the pump. Unfortunately, I own a car that requires premium unleaded gas and it can cost $90 to fill the tank. Gas Buddy.com has data from 180 gas websites on the internet and even has discount stations like Costco gas. My local Costco is where I purchase gas for $3.79 gallon for regular unleaded and $3.88 for supreme.

If you are looking for some suggestions for improving gas mileage, you can check out Penny Wise, Dollar Short. Madison has 15 gas savings tips in her blog and my favorite was #15 Getting Organized. A lot of trips I make are not thought through properly and I waste gas making duplicate trips to the same store. I also have a post about some extreme measures some motorists are trying called Hypermiling Increase gas mileage Fact or Fiction?

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