Tracking high gas prices in Bay Area. 7% in two weeks

by Scott on May 30, 2008

Today I drove by the Chevron gas station and noticed a man updating the prices. He had all the numbers off the board and I couldn’t take a picture. After my errand, I drove back, and couldn’t believe it. Last week I wrote a post about this same gas station Does the current price of gas make you conserve fuel? I wish I had my camera last week. The price of gas was $4.15 for regular unleaded and today the price jumped to $4.23. Almost 2% in a week and 7% in two weeks! This gas station doesn’t sell diesel, but I saw another station yesterday at $5.25. I realize the major trucking companies are hedging their expenses and buying options. But what about the average guy and his landscaping business or construction business? They can’t hedge these prices. They can only raise prices. This will be more than interesting to watch as the summer driving season starts and families pack up and hit the roads. Have you heard of any businesses raising prices due to increased gas?

I should head over to Costco tomorrow and compare prices. Cheapest gas in our city is Costco and most expensive seems to be Chevron. I’m interested to know gas prices in your city and if you have a camera handy, take a pic and send it to me. I would be happy to post it and compare prices. If you live outside the U.S., this could really be interesting to compare. We do have it better than the U.K., but pay way more than Dubai. Send me your pics.

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