Star Wars Stock

by Scott on July 6, 2008

My family had a relaxing 4th of July weekend at home as we spent time celebrating our nations independence and enjoying some fireworks. Not a lot was accomplished around the house, but I did go over to a friends house and help him clean out his garage. After a few hours work, we managed to find a couple hundred dollars worth of Star Wars Figures he had accumulated over the years. Like many of us, his intentions were to find some deals on ebay, and then resell later. Well, later was about 12 years later, and his wife wanted them out of the garage attic.

My friend and I talked about the idea of Star Wars stock. Being able to exercise options when you want to buy that hard to find collectible item in the future. Like many kids, we didn’t have the money when we were young. Once we have a few dollars, we want to buy everything we can on ebay. If we owned Star Wars stock, we could be assured that we could purchase those hard to find figures in the future. Star Wars stock wouldn’t be the same as Hasbro (HAS), but a tracking stock of actual items. Seems a little silly, but wouldn’t it save a lot more space in your attic? Many collectors, never play with the toys, and just keep the items locked up tight in boxes. Just think about it, you could have stock for all your collectibles. If you got bored of collecting John Deere, you could just sell the stock. Remember Cabbage Patch Kids? You could have bought one, and then spent the rest of your money on Cabbage Patch stock.

This was another opportunity to help a friend find some hidden money in the garage. I love helping friends get motivated, organized, and make some money. My buddy will now have 3 large boxes out of his garage, and at least $300-400 in the bank. I talked him out of taking the items to the local Sold on Ebay store, and told him to keep the 28% fee for himself. For my efforts he gave me a couple of items that I had my eye on. If my son does not show an interest in Star Wars, I may be selling them on ebay in a couple of years. Helping friends save space and money, is a wonderful feeling.

The idea of Star Wars stock sound like a fun idea, but probably would not gain popularity, as collectors like to see and hold items. We may not need to buy Star Wars Stock, but could invest the money in other passive income opportunities like index funds or other company stock. If you wanted to purchase that hard to find Luke Skywalker Power of The Force figure, you could. No need for Star Wars Stock, just sell your mutual fund or company stock.

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1 carol July 8, 2008 at 1:59 pm

My kids are in there teens. I was amazed to discover young boys are still crazy about all things Star Wars. That stock might be a good long term investment. I wish we had brought it instead of the limit amount of Star Wars stuff we did!

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