Weekly Blog Reading: California Budget Edition

by Scott on February 21, 2009

California State Capital
photo credit: Graham and Sheila

This past week was full of economic news, from the passing of the stimulus package to my home state of California finally passing a budget. How it took over 16 weeks to pass a budget is unbelievable. Unfortunately, myself and millions of Californians will be receiving an IOU from the state for our 2008 tax refund. My family took steps to alter our withholding so that we will not receive as much of a refund next year. Have you completed your 2008 tax return yet? Below are a few articles I’ve read this past week and wanted to share. Enjoy.

Becoming Debt Free wrote Bonus or Compensation – When Did The Line Get Blurred? Do you expect to earn a bonus this year or do you consider it extra money? When I worked for an investment firm most employees expected to receive a bonus. We would set our family budget for our salary only and the bonus went directly to our savings account. Now that times are tough for Wall Street I wonder how many workers are going to adapt. Hopefully they have set aside money in an emergency account.

Gather Little By Little wrote In the event I die – Information for my family and took the time to document important passwords and papers for his family. I wonder how many guys have documented user names and passwords for paypal, ING Orange, and even email in case of an emergency?

Money Ning wrote Counter Intuitive Way of Lowering Your Spending. If you are a saver, do you ever feel the urge to spend?

A Good Husband wrote How To Fight Over Money and really nailed most of the ways we can fight with our spouse about money. Although, I’m sure if a couple hit the lottery they could still find something to debate over money expenditures.

All Financial Matters wrote JLP’s Kids and Household Chores Experiment and put together a daily checklist for his family chores while his wife worked extra hours. Do you utilize a checklist for your families household chores? Has it been successful?

My Super-Charged Life wrote How To Be An Awesome Control Freak – Results May Vary . Do you know anyone that is a control freak at work? Makes for an interesting week and you can’t wait for Saturday.

Almost Frugal wrote Is a Broken Dishwasher an Emergency? She has a couple options including washing dishes by hand. My vote was to look on Craigslist or a newspaper for a good inexpensive used dishwasher. What would you do?

Mighty Bargain Hunter wrote Real estate: Asset or liability? Is your castle merely a tax write off or do you consider it a form of real estate investment? With housing prices falling more than 40% in our community, is now the time to think about a condo or town home for positive cash flow?

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1 Jeff@MySuperChargedLife February 21, 2009 at 8:06 am

Hey! These are some great articles. I’m honored to be included. I hope people get a kick out of my control freak article. Thanks and have a great weekend!

2 Jennifer @ Money Saver 101 February 21, 2009 at 6:18 pm

Oh boy. I need to do my taxes. We’re in the middle of a move, so taxes just haven’t been on our brains. I’m pretending like that money isn’t coming, so when it does come, I can be pleasantly surprised and dump it in our high yield savings account, after using part of it to pay off a portion of the van we just purchased. :)

Thanks for those articles. I think I’ll go read the Dishwasher Emergency one. There was a time when I would consider a broken dishwasher an emergency, but after having a leaky water heater and a broken furnace, dishwashers just aren’t so important.

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