Weekly Blog Reading: 1k Twitter Followers Edition

by Scott on March 8, 2009

This week I surpassed 1,000 twitter followers and am amazed at the growth potential of this social media giant. Networking with other twitter users who share similar savings goals can be very addicting. I especially enjoy finding out what friends are doing and how they react to the economic news of the day. Be sure to add me as a friend on Twitter or open a free account so we can network together.

Here are some of the posts I enjoyed from other personal finance bloggers:

Passive Family Income wrote Passive Income Opportunities – Think Creatively and asks readers to get creative about finding passive income sources.

Dusty @ Becoming Debt Free wrote 100 Articles On eHow – Why It Is Important To Set Goals. Dusty has a goal of writing 15 ehow articles for passive income during the month of March. Ehow can be a fantastic way to earn passive income through writing.

Mrs. Micah: Finance for a Freelance Life wrote a post called Taxes For Bloggers where she discusses income sources and deductions for bloggers to consider during tax season. This will be a helpful list to print out and reference throughout 2009.

Prime Time Money wrote 529 Plan and College Savings: Should We Contribute?
Some great comments challenge readers to consider saving for retirement before establishing a college savings account for children.

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1 Mrs. Micah March 8, 2009 at 10:01 am

I love how I’ve gotten to know so many bloggers better through twitter. :)

Thanks for referencing my post. Preparing for 2008 taxes has taught me a lot about what I’m going to do for 2009. And it ended up not being too painful either.

2 PT Money March 8, 2009 at 11:24 am

Make that 1001. I just realized I wasn’t following you yet for some odd reason. Congrats on passing 1000! And thanks for mentioning my article. Looking forward to you guest post.


3 pfincome March 8, 2009 at 5:58 pm

Thanks for the link! I still can’t get into Twitter but I guess I am behind the times. Congrats on your milestone! Here is to 1,000 subscribers on The Passive Dad!

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