Learning About Residual Income Streams

by Scott on May 24, 2010

An important question anyone can ask is “Why do people get up early every morning and head for work?” In an attempt to answer that question, some people would justify their work to be a form of self-satisfaction. Others might say that they work to improve the state of the world. However, the real reason is simple – it’s all about having a source of income. Other reasons only seem sensible when the basic necessity for income has been fulfilled. Now there are two varieties of income that you should be aware of.

One is Linear Income and the other is Residual Income. Most people are acquainted with linear income. This is the sort of income that stops flowing in your pocket when you stop working a job. Residual income, on the other hand, continues to flow even after the work is done.
To better understand Residual Income Streams, here is an example. The author of a certain novel receives royalties from the sale of his written masterpiece. This continues long after the novel is written. You don’t need extraordinary talent to generate Residual Income Streams. In order to obtain a residual income stream, all you require is the proper training. The other requirements already exist around you. This kind of income only requires that you make full use of the resources you already have. With the right training, you can maximize your resources and fulfill your dream. Here are a few residual income streams to consider.

Many people try to create a unique product or service to sell. The product or service has to be a repeat business item so that it can generate residual income. Product or service creation has no guarantee even though the plan may be highly feasible. This is the only drawback. Yet, if the products or services succeed in the market, then the road ahead will lead to serious profits.
When you’re thinking of Residual Income Streams, you would probably think of having an online store as a business opportunity. The online store might be based on the drop shipping model. The only downside to this form of residual income is that you’re faced with an administrative burden that accompanies processing orders and, sometimes, refunds. However, this can be a highly lucrative business model if you can get genuine wholesalers to sell some products to you at true whole sale prices.

Another business opportunity many people are taking advantage of is the affiliate marketing model. Among Residual Income Streams, affiliate marketing is quite popular and has taken the internet business world by storm. What you do in affiliate marketing is promoting someone else’s product and getting cash from it. The downside is that the product isn’t yours. However, the great thing about affiliate marketing is that you can increase your earnings to very high levels in no time. Besides, you’ll never run out of merchants who want to promote their products or services.
Some people believe that of all the Residual Income Streams, affiliate marketing would be the most appropriate beginning for an aspiring entrepreneur. This is because you don’t have to bicker over decisions related to product creation. All you have to do is hook on to a successful product/service and start making cash. Jobs can pay bills but Residual Income Streams are a true insurance in the long-run.

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1 Jesse May 24, 2010 at 8:46 pm

Nice post, but on a more important note, where have you been my friend?

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