Google Ad sense Review

by Traci K. on August 11, 2010

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Google Adwords AdSense program is one source of passive income that has become increasingly popular in recent years. As Google has gained visibility and credibility during this time as a search engine, their ad and affiliate programs have also become some of the most widely used and most profitable options out there. Google was the first to market the text ad with high profitability versus the standard banner ads that most consumers had become blind to. Although some of their per click payout rates are anticipated to drop as competition for this niche marketing and advertising becomes more popular, Google has shown it is the leader in this area and will probably stay competitive in the future.

Pros: Google ad sense is very easy to use with a simple registration and copy/paste code to set up your ads. You can customize keywords and the look and feel of your ads. You don’t need any major upkeep for this program, just keep your website content updated on a specific topic with good keywords. Google automatically rotates the ads based on click rates and per click pricing.

Cons: If your website gets very little traffic or you don’t want to clutter every single page on your site with google adsense, your adsense revenue may be abysmal. The ads can also look clunky and interfere with your site design if you aren’t careful. You may need to redesign your site layout to accommodate a more natural looking integration of Google Ad sense. Also, the ads displayed on my site by google adsense were often irrelevant or had content I found offensive. These issues led me to remove my Adsense from one of my sites, although I haven’t heard of this happening very often.

How much can you really expect to earn? I have a website that pulls in about two thousand visitors per month. Google adsense is on my 5 main pages only. I get an average of 500 ad views per month with less than a one percent click rate at a five cents per click average payout. Since November 2009 I’ve made less than one dollar. To be completely fair, this site is a very niche area of content, and I’ve seen other sites on more popular topics do incredibly well with an extra $100 a month being average.

Is it worth it? If the integration doesn’t make your site look overly gaudy or full of irrelevant ads, the passive income is great. Even if the adsense revenue generated is minuscule, you aren’t spending energy to maintain it. And if you do keep up with your website and spend time to drive more page views, your adsense revenue can certainly be increased. There are a large number of websites and books that tell you how to maximize your website for maximum google adsense earning potential.

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