My name is Scott, I’m a 35 year old father of two researching sources of passive income. For over 10 years I’ve worked for a large investment firm and some smaller boutique companies in the San Francisco bay area. I have been fortunate to see wealth created on a daily basis and watch companies make millions of dollars for private families. Unfortunately, I have also witnessed the complete opposite. I have experienced friends and family struggling to make ends meet, unable to pay personal loans, face home foreclosure, and even bankruptcy.

Each investment client had the same thing in common. Multiple sources of passive or residual income. Working for money managers and brokerage firms gave me a unique perspective to find out how wealth was created. Not necessarily how it was invested, but how client wealth was created. This was a big motivation for me, and gave me a big push to create this blog.

My wife and I struggled with debt early in our marriage and I would spend countless hours trying to find ways to cut our bills. More can be found here. Some of the methods are simple like creating a family budget, and others will take a little more effort. We started by focusing on short term goals like an emergency savings account, and also set our sites on long term goals of contributing to a 529 college savings account.

I am always looking for fun creative ways to earn passive income or alternative income and would love to hear from you. Please submit a comment on one of my posts, or send me an email: thepassivedad @ gmail dot com.

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